Most of all, Angelica is appreciated for her desire and ability to capture the essential beings of her subjects, and her honest approach. Slavish reproductions of photos are something she avoids. She strives to capture the character and not just an image. Her aim is to interpret, not merely to copy. As her reputation spreads, clients not able to visit Conil, turn increasingly to the internet to commission portraits. This demand has inspired her to construct a web gallery for all to enjoy.

For further information, Angelica Westerhoff can be contacted at:retratosdeconil@gmail.com

Bryan Hemming escritor/writer

Click here to read an article Bryan Hemming wrote on me, » Portraits of my pueblo- Conil, Andalucía».

And click here to read another one from Bryan, with the title » George Bush insults art and artists».

Update April 2023: I am not working anymore in any market, so if you wish to see me in person, I am all too willing. You only need to contact me. Also Im am the invited artist in an exhibition of Felipe Rodrigo Diez in the Sala de Exposiciones in Conil, beside the Torre de Guzmán, from 5.5. to 28.5.2023. Most of all I am painting and drawing portraits, wether live or from an image. Angelica Westerhoff  ( Instagram  angelicawesterhoff).


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